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Siwash Helicopter Safari

Run a remote swathe of the mighty Fraser River canyon by helicopter, soar over sacred hoodoos, pan for gold, and walk amidst Alpine wildflowers.

Meet the Gorgeous Horses at Siwash Lake Ranch!

Our ranch horses gallop in to the Siwash corrals each morning; they spend their nights together roaming in large pastures like an untamed herd in the wild.

Siwash Lake Ranch - An Authentic Western Safari Experience in the Wilds of British Columbia

We invite you to see the splendour of Siwash Lake Ranch, surrounded by 80,000 acres of pristine wilderness. This is the quintessential Canadian landscape with rolling grasslands and forests bejewelled with lakes... Watch for our signature 'glamping' accommodations – luxury tents surrounded by Nature – combined with authentic experiences and warm Canadian hospitality!