A guest ranch riding program with a difference...

All-inclusive "Luxury Equine Experience"

A Siwash Signature Experience — Private & Exclusive, by Nature™

The Siwash Synergy with Horses™ program is legendary, not only a signature experience for the ranch, but for Canada too.

Highly sought after since its inception in 2001, this is a special package for those of you who value your privacy and freedom and who would absolutely love to ride the trails all day, every day, with a strong and willing horse beneath you—a horse that's specially matched for your attributes, to call your own for duration of stay.      

While every guest ranch offers the opportunity to ride horses, Siwash does not follow the practices of most dude operations. We have a different philosophy and a highly personalized, fun-filled approach that focuses on the natural bond between horses and humans.

Following a special introduction to your mount and a thorough orientation where you’ll learn important skills to enhance your equine experience at the ranch, you’ll head out with a guide to explore miles and miles of wilderness trails. Roam a paradise that’s rich with wildlife, rolling grasslands, and forests bejeweled with lakes.

Horse program orientation at Siwash.      

Learning to clean your horse's feet at Siwash Lake Ranch.   A guest leads his horse at Siwash.   It's fun riding the range with your equine partner at Siwash Lake Ranch.   Together we're a team.

Beyond daily ground work, hands-on horse care, grooming, tacking up, and trail riding, this package also offers arena riding, horse whispering demonstrations, and all-day safari rides to coveted places on the open range where we’ll stop at mid-day for a gourmet saddle-bag lunch and to enjoy exquisite views atop a high bluff, or a swim in a wilderness river.

Ride on your own without a guide at Siwash.After a few introductory rides with a guide to get the lay of the land, those with the desire to do so may be given the privilege of riding unescorted without a guide or other guests, provided riding and navigational skills are adequate.

We'll give you a map, a hand-held radio—and then off you go together, on your trusty mounts!

The essence of this bespoke package is that it appeals to first-time riders who are keen to learn in a supportive and informative environment, right up to expert equestrians who are looking for more challenge, freedom and adventure than the typical guest ranch or wilderness resort has to offer.

Siwash owner and GM, Allyson Rogers, leads the Siwash riding program.Explore our 80,000 acres of open range with professional guides—real Canadian cowboys and cow girls—and satisfy your desire for adventure.

Please refer to the Horses & Riding section of the website for more information.

Feel free to call us at the ranch to discuss details in person if you wish. We're happy to help you plan the perfect riding holiday!


Siwash Lake Ranch
Owner & General Manager
Allyson Rogers