Learn Wilderness Survival Skills at Siwash Lake Ranch

Adventure in the Wilds for the Whole Family

Private & Exclusive, by Nature™

This is a half day activity that many of our guests report to be the high-light of their trip to the ranch. Hands-on training and fun for all!

Building a natural shelter during wilderness survival training at Siwash Lake Ranch.
Learn all about backwoods basics—what you should do and how to be prepared before you head out into the wilderness. We'll teach you what bare essentials you'll need to have with you and then how to survive in case you ever become lost in the wilds.

You'll build a shelter in the forest using only the natural materials at hand, light a campfire using a bow drill, and then learn how to find water and food.This hands-on, half day activity is tons of fun for all ages and also teaches some skills for animal tracking and how to deal with wildlife encounters.

Using a bow drill to light a camp fire at Siwash Lake Ranch.   We also teach how to light a fire with flint and steel...   Hands-on fun in the great outdoors for the whole family.