Private & Exclusive, by Nature™
Siwash Lake is a private lake and we have a dock that extends out to deep water for wonderful swimming right in front of the lodge.


The lake water is fresh and clear, lightly mineralized, with a depth of about 20 feet, so the temperature is just right for cooling off. Most of our guests, especially the younger bunch, make this a daily event. The lake is a half mile long so keen swimmers can get a good workout if they wish.There's plenty of other opportunities for swimming in the wild while riding, hiking or biking the trails around the ranch.

Nature's jacuzzi at Siwash Lake RanchCool off in the crystal clear waters of a backcountry lake or river, or in the bubbling pool at Crater Lake waterfalls.

If you happen to be on horseback, there's plenty of room in your saddle bags for a towel and our horses always go out wearing a halter and lead-rope so your trusty mount can be tied safely to the nearest tree while you take a dip in the river or wilderness lake.