Rejuvenate at our frontier-style, luxury guest ranch Spa

The Sigh-wash Spa

Private & Exclusive, by Nature™

With verdant vistas to inspire your soul, riding or hiking on wilderness trails, and the opportunity to explore the magical bond between horses and humans, you'll embrace pure country living at a private hideaway that envelops you with a renewed sense of mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

All of our luxury spa treatments are provided by highly experienced attendants who specialize in holistic therapies.Their personal care and attention to detail has helped make the Sigh-wash Spa one of the most unique luxury spas in BC.

From the lodge, guests follow gold-painted horseshoes through an Aspen grove to a clearing in the woods where our tented spa awaits.

Providing the ideal healing grounds, all is perfectly calm and tranquil here amidst nature—with fresh air, the aroma of sun-warmed pine, and a gentle flutter of canvas. Wild birds serenade from above while horses graze nearby.


Holistic treatments using natural products are guaranteed to soothe your saddle weary muscles and rekindle your senses. Our attendants offer relaxation massage using a variety of techniques (Swedish, Japanese, hot stone, aromatherapy), nurturing facial treatments, reflexology, plus invigorating foot therapies.

The Sigh-wash Spa is set in a wilderness enclave that is both peaceful and inspiring.

The sum of your experiences at the ranch will be complete freedom and relief from the stresses of everyday life, a thorough disconnect to hustle and bustle of the urban world.

Siwash Lake Ranch - R& RAside from luxuriating in the spa, at anytime, anywhere while you are at the ranch, you are welcome to do absolutely nothing and simply catch up on some rest and relaxation at this peaceful hideaway.

Feel free to curl up beside the crackling fire with a glass of fine wine and a good book from our ranch library. Outdoors, retreat to the sundeck or hammock, where life's worries will seep away on a sage-infused breeze.