Yoga in the great outdoors

Embrace the Experience

Private & Exclusive, by Nature™

Within the confines of an urban studio, yoga teachers do their best to create ambience with soft lighting, soothing sounds and pleasant aromas. All in attempt to evoke a natural setting—the great outdoors.

At Siwash, we pare yoga down to its original link with nature. Yoga means 'union,' and when it's practiced outdoors, the union between nature and humanity becomes absolute.

Yoga poses amongst the pines.   Enjoy our open-air dais for yoga at Siwash Lake Ranch.   Solace at Siwash Lake Ranch.

Being outside can intensify the yoga experience in many ways, since nature inspires us to focus on body awareness; breathing deeply and practicing stillness.

Many aspects of yoga are about being in the moment and at one with nature. That's why a lot of postures (asanas) reflect animals and a natural environment. Amid the Siwash wilderness, position your body into the shape of a tree, or explore the graceful wingspan of a bird as an eagle soars overhead. Inhale the scent of sun-warmed pine during breathing postures (pranayama) while focusing on the flow of a gentle wind wafting through the forest.

The holistic nature of yoga in the great outdoors induces a sense of harmony, timelessness, and connection to the universe.