A highly personalized, 'hands-on' horseback riding experience...

Siwash Synergy with Horses™, our unique riding program, is regarded as the country's best—a showcase adventure product for Canada's 'Signature Experiences Collection'. Unmatched at other luxury dude ranches across the globe, it guarantees that horseback riding vacations at this guest ranch are extraordinary.

Riding on your ownHere, you'll roam the range as the cowboys do, at one with your trusty mount and the land. Inhale the glorious scent of saddle leather mingled with wood smoke, wildflowers and sun-warmed pine.

Delight in the simple luxury of experience—the power of a strong and steady horse beneath you, and the freedom of the frontier. At Siwash Lake Ranch, you'll satisfy your yearning for adventure …

Our luxury horseback holidays feature riding to your heart’s desire, for first-time beginners through to intermediate, advanced, and expert riders. Each guest is partnered up with one of our gentle, willing horses, hand-picked to suit the unique attributes of the individual.

Our Synergy with Horses™ natural western horsemanship program is introduced, one-on-one, by the owner-hosts, and then each party of guests has the pleasure of a private riding guide to lead them along all SLR's most favoured riding routes.

Following a few discovery rides with the hosts to prove ability, those who would rather ride without a guide may have the rare privilege of riding unescorted if they choose.

At this wonderful cross-over between a genuine working ranch, luxury dude ranch, and boutique wilderness resort, you'll enjoy supportive and informative mentoring at all times, hands-on horsemanship, and a fun-filled focus on the natural bond between horses and humans.