On the lake...

Kayak across shimmering Siwash Lake.Private & Exclusive, by Nature™

Explore the ranch by water. Bask in warm sunshine sparkling on azure depths, listen to the wild call of a loon, and inhale the sweet scent of pine wafting by on a gentle breeze.

Flex your paddling muscles and investigate our aquatic flora and fauna—an old beaver lodge, unusual breeds of wild ducks and geese, and brilliant yellow water lilies. On our far shore, tucked at forest's edge, you'll find the original homesteader's cabin.

You can skim across shimmering Siwash Lake in one of our sleek, light-weight kayaks. For twosomes, we also have canoeing available.

Try stand-up paddle boarding at Siwash Lake Ranch -- you never know who may join you!Or try stand-up paddleboarding—you never know who may join you!

Life jackets are provided for all ages and are mandatory for children. We are pleased to give lessons if needed.

For those uncomfortable with the motions of a canoe, kayak or paddle board, we also have a sturdy, flat bottomed rowboat.

Canoe on Siwash Lake.