Trails & Terrain | 80,000 Acres of Guiding Territory at Siwash

SLR - cowgirl loping in meadowPrivate & Exclusive, by Nature™

The Ranch at Siwash Lake has over 100 km. of wilderness trails for you to explore on horseback. Some are double wide grassy tracks where you can ride two abreast, others are narrow, wild game and cattle routes through the woods where you'll need to ride single file. There are numerous open pastures where you can safely trot and canter your horses.

You can ride all morning and afternoon for a week at Siwash and never repeat the same route, apart from the main approaches when leaving and returning to the barn each day. The terrain is gentle and rolling — quintessential cowboy country.


Pine laden paths lead through sun dappled aspen groves, old growth forests that stand in silent splendour, and enchanting wildflower meadows. Explore waterfalls in a hidden river canyon, search through an old homestead, or check on the ranch cows.

Siwash Lake Ranch - campfire lunchRelax with your horse on a sunny knoll and delight in the honeyed scent of clover — carried on a breeze so soft, it caresses your skin. Nature's symphony is all around. Hear the call of a loon, howl of a coyote, or the gentle hum of gossamer-winged dragonflies buzzing by.

On cooler spring and fall days, we'll often stop along the trail and build a campfire... Inhale the delicious scent of saddle leather mingled with wood smoke and meditate in the quiet serenity of a secluded backcountry lake.