Wonders of Nature | Wilderness Safaris on Horseback at Siwash

Private & Exclusive, by Nature™

June in the Cariboo is lush and green. Backcountry waters, swollen with spring run-off, nourish exquisite wildflowers that carpet the woods and meadows. Marshes resonate with a symphony of bird song, while animals and their newborn are on the move in search of forage.

Cougar, coyote, bear, moose, deer, and beaver are just some of the species native to the area, while a myriad of birds call the nearby forests and wetlands home. Your guide will show you fresh sign and scat, and if you're lucky you'll see a wild animal in its natural habitat. When weather conditions are right, throughout the month of June, and the first part of July, we'll see black bears and their cubs, and deer with their fawns, almost on a daily basis.


There’s no better way to enjoy this wilderness paradise than on horseback! Besides the exhilaration and  thrill of riding, exploring on horseback has great advantages. Guests can access habitat in a quiet, non-invasive way - very eco-friendly of course, but also essential for the best wildlife viewing. We can get up close on horseback and cover miles of territory in a single day.