Gentle, responsive, well-mannered... magical horses at Siwash

Riding horses is the highlight of a ranch holiday and we have a beautiful, well-loved and responsive herd available to suit your experience—whether you're trying horseback riding for the first time or are a seasoned horseman or woman.

Siwash Lake Ranch - our herd - Gaby Raeke
You'll be treated to your own horse for the duration of your stay, with extra care taken in giving you a mount that matches your abilities and personality.

At Siwash Lake, unlike other dude ranches, we own all of our horses and we do not rent any. Our horses live at the ranch year round, and most have been with us since they were very young.

We favour the western Quarter horse breed for its sturdiness, agility and suitability for the Cariboo's wild and varied riding terrain. Most of ours are pure bred Quarter horses, but we also have some Arabs, Paints, Draft Crosses and Appaloosas.

We have a herd of 30 or so horses to choose from for our guests, and magical, gentle creatures they are. Happy and healthy, calm and eager to please—for we keep them naturally, allowing the herd to graze freely together in wild pastures every evening.

To us, they are precious family members and we treat them with the utmost love and respect. When they get too old to carry guests around, we reward their years of dedicated service by allowing them to retire and roam free in our pastures for the remainder of their lives. Quite a few of our herd have lived well into their 30's!