Siwash Lake Ranch Horsemanship Philosophy & Orientation

Private & Exclusive, by Nature™
The process we go through at Siwash Lake Ranch to help our guests connect with their horses is incredibly special, very empowering and completely opposite to many other ranches where you line up and then are handed the reins like the keys to a rental vehicle.

Siwash Lake Guest Ranch luxury horseback riding vacations -- a #1 luxury dude ranch and wilderness resort
At Siwash, we advocate on behalf of these exquisite creatures, which in turn evokes an understanding among our guests that enhances the overall riding experience, tenfold. We coach in a kind, supportive and non-intimidating manner, recognizing that many of our guests, even the most confident CEO's, are often well out of their comfort zones.

Siwash Lake Luxury Guest Ranch - Saddling up for a luxury horseback riding vacation at BC's #1 wildernes resort and luxury dude ranchWith our program, you and your horse will be spending much quality time together while you're at the ranch. We believe that the best way for you to bond with your new partner is to participate in the daily care of the animal.

On your very first morning at the ranch, you'll learn some basics for understanding and communicating with these lovely equine beings, general horse care, and how to saddle your own horse.

Right after breakfast you'll groom, clean the feet and tack up your mount. And when you return to the barn at day's end, you'll give your mare or gelding a well-deserved brush down and some of our home-made horse treats. Most people catch on right away and enjoy this special opportunity and the extra time to commune with their horse.

Even if you're an accomplished equestrian, we'll still ask you to go through the full orientation on your first morning. There are many different approaches and ways of working with horses, and we ask that you take the time to learn about ours. In the process, we can learn from you too.

So you'll spend your whole first day one-on-one with the ranch owners and hosts, learning the lay of the land and natural horsemanship. Wilderness tips and route finding will be on the agenda, too.

After this orientation process and a few more fabulous discovery rides, you can continue riding as little or as much as you like for the rest of your stay—on miles of trails that meander out from the ranch through 80,000 acres of pristine range land.