Enjoy world-class cuisine made from food grown on the ranch...

ranch pastaImagine fresh baked bread served with rose hip jelly, or a salad that is garnished with home made pickles and candied spruce tips. Have you ever tried cattail hearts? Delicious... like white asparagus! Smoked trout (that we both catch and smoke on site), river caught salmon and wild venison from the forests nearby, are ranch specialties. Everything we serve is prepared fresh from scratch the same day in our open country kitchen, using the very best ingredients.

We enrich your dining experience with edible flowers, herbs and berries foraged from the woods. In fact, foraging has become a daily routine for our chef and his helpers. It's our goal to have something foraged on your plate at every meal. In this way, we bring Nature into the dining room.

Chef's signature agnolotti pasta at left is stuffed with sweet potato and adorned with wild onion.

farm fresh eggsAt Siwash we are famous for exquisite pasture-to-plate cuisine with a daily set menu in keeping with what's fresh and seasonal; first and foremost from what is farmed on the ranch or available locally.

Whenever possible, we incorporate home grown food—mouth-watering beef and pork, eggs laid that morning, and baby greens for your salads—the former from our happy, free-ranging animals, and the latter picked right from our garden.

field broccoliThe ranch's executive chef makes wonderful roasted vegetable salads, often featuring ranch broccolini that out-flavours anything you could buy at the grocery store. Charcuterie using our grass-fed meats is his specialty. What's more, he has a passion for making old world cheeses. And pasta he only ever makes from scratch.

Hence, the ranch's organic, country cuisine is said to rival fine city dining. Our guests call it delicious, designer food; simple, not overly intricate, and most certainly light, healthy and nourishing.

Our farm-fresh cuisine can best be described as a Canadian mosaic of global flavours—a sensational fusion of international dishes plated with Siwash-style flare.

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We are pleased to satisfy special dietary needs, including gluten or lactose-free, and will prepare vegan and vegetarian dishes when notified in advance. Meals can be simplified for young children.