Our Principles for Sustainability

Siwash Lake Wilderness Raesort abides by and embraces the following principles for sustainability as sanctioned by the International Ecotourism Society:

  • minimize impact
  • build environmental and cultural awareness and respect
  • provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts
  • provide direct financial benefits for conservation
  • provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people
  • raise sensitivity to host countries' political, environmental, and social climate

Solar arrays at Siwash lake RanchThis BC luxury resort has garnered Five Green Keys with the Hotel Association of Canada, an eco-rating that is awarded to a hotel that exemplifies the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility throughout all areas of operations.

As well, Siwash was nominated in 2009 and 2010 for a Tourism Industry Award for being BC’s most environmentally responsible operation.

The ranch employs cutting edge technologies, policies and programs which set the international standard for sustainable adventure travel operations. Other awards and achievements include a Gold Award with Green Tourism Canada, being a global finalist in the Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards, and being named among the top five eco-friendly luxury destinations in the country by the Globe & Mail, Canada's leading newspaper.

Siwash is located completely off the grid and uses clean renewable energy. A solar PV array produces the majority of electricity for the entire operation, while every other aspect of the ranch has been designed or is currently undergoing a retro-fit to be eco-friendly.

Harmony with Nature at Siwash Lake RanchPromoting harmony with nature is paramount. With a commitment to conservation, the resort has completed a project in concert with Ducks Unlimited Canada to enhance delicate wetlands surrounding Siwash Lake.

Further land stewardship initiatives in this realm are ongoing. Many endangered and threatened species of animals and plants make their home in the wilds surrounding Siwash. The resort owners and management act as den mother to all these creatures, guarding their precious habitat from excessive logging, mining and any backcountry land use that fails to demonstrate environmental responsibility (i.e. riding motorized recreation vehicles instead of horse riding and without best practices).

Resort policies and procedures ensure the overall footprint of the operation is minimal. According to their mission statement, the owners practice sound land stewardship principles while training staff and contractors to follow suit.

In turn, they pass on this knowledge and motivate ranch visitors, encouraging guests to apply these principles and use Siwash daily best practices for inspiration following their holidays.

Reaching out to people and sharing in this regard begins with the resort's remote community, which encompasses the owners' family, their guests, staff and neighbours from surrounding areas, and extends to affiliations that are provincial, national and international in nature, via travel media, suppliers, associate res, and other industry partners.