Sustainability at Siwash

Taking care of the land is not just a theme here, it’s our guiding philosophy. Since we purchased this pristine piece of wilderness over twenty years ago, it has been our mantra to stay in harmony with the surrounding environment. While crafting our world-class eco-resort and luxury guest ranch we've always focused first on striving to be true stewards of the land.

Siwash Lake for eco-friendly adventures in nature.At Siwash, we care immensely about the environment as much as we take great care of our guests. You'll sense a delightful synergy with nature while you are here and you’ll appreciate the peace and calm that Siwash exudes.

All whom visit this unique eco-resort are in awe at living so close to Nature, which invigorates the mind, body and spirit in extraordinary ways. Such gifts are a privilege in today’s world, and are why everyone at Siwash sees themselves as caretakers of the land.

We take our responsibility seriously because we know that in return, the land will continue to nurture all those who visit for generations to come.

Siwash was the first luxury wilderness resort in Canada to become certified with the highest rating possible for sustainability with the Hotel Association of Canada Green Key Program, and the first in Canada to have been approved and inspected by Green Tourism Canada—with a Gold Certification.

We truly walk the talk. We are proud of our operation and believe it's important to be honest and completely transparent in addressing sustainability.

Please enjoy reading through all the information in this section of the website, which explains in great detail how we are committed to taking care of both people and the planet. Nature is our Goddess, and the wilderness our Cathedral!

A luxury wilderness resort and luxury dude ranch at Siwash Lake