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Always held on the Saturday of the August long weekend, FoodDayCanada showcases our country’s rich culinary heritage. Six top Canadian eateries and their chefs are featured on the home page to wet the nation’s appetite for this grand event. Read about our Chef Derek’s delectable farm-fresh cuisine!

                                                                            Food Day Canada

A Dozen Dude Ranches

"Wilderness Luxury. It's not necessarily an oxymoron. But it does take some vision to pull it off with as much aplomb as this western Canadian ranch hideaway..."
                                                                                                                            Cowboys & Indians Magazine

Rethink the Ranch

"The idea of a guest ranch typically conjures up cattle rustling and trail rides, but a trip to British Columbia's Cariboo Chilcotin region reveals a lot more than just western culture. In fact, many of the area's ranches look east - way east - for inspiration..."

read more...                                                                                                    Mercedes Benz Magazine

10 Best Dude Ranches in North America

"Old-fashioned dude ranches are attracting a new breed of city slickers looking to unplug from modern life. But now they've expanded their offerings. Common activities include yoga and fitness classes, mountain biking, spas, river rafting, and special packages just for women..."

 5 Best Wilderness Honeymoons in British Columbia

"British Columbia is a fantastic vacation destination for couples who love the outdoors, offering pristine nature, incredible views and mouthwatering cuisine..."
Best Honeymoon Destinations, USA

10 Top Guest Ranches

"If you'd like to immerse fully in the Cariboo region’s strong ranch culture, Siwash Lake Ranch—which highlights horses, nature and eco-friendly adventure in the remote Canadian wilderness—is the place to be..."
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Luxury Camping—What You'll Love About Glamping

"Celebrities like Justin Bieber want to try it, the Real Housewives of Orange County have done it, and it’s a hot trend that has leapt through the holiday world. Glamping, or luxurious camping, is a new style of connecting with the outdoors while still living as comfortably as possible. This worldwide holiday more....
Equitrekking, USA

Home On The Range

"The soft thrum of rush-hour traffic outside our Cariboo Suite bedroom window doesn't sound at all like the kind I'm accustomed to. A look outside reveals two dozen or so horses cantering steadily into the corrals after a night's satisfying grazing on the range. There's a gentle tap at the door: a pot of fresh coffee and muffins, still warm from the oven and nestled in a basket, sit waiting on the doorstep..."read more....
CNN Traveller, UK

A Gift from British Columbia

"Wildly remote Siwash Lake Ranch reinterprets the dude ranch experience into something truly extraordinary. At six o’clock on a cool August morning, a thin fog is steaming off the warm water of Siwash Lake. It’s the perfect time for a canoe paddle: The summer sky already bright; the silence so pure I can hear each preening bird in the glassy water and the distant stamping of horses in the corrals..." read more...
Stratos, The Premier In-flight Magazine for Corporate and Private Jets, USA

Fairytrail – Saddle Up in Wonderland, British Columbia

"We were out on horseback, riding through glorious Cariboo Country, home to the luxurious Siwash Lake Guest Ranch. The rugged terrain of Crater Lake is breathtaking. Cascading waterfalls flow over the steep rocks, giving the secluded crater an almost mystical appeal. A refreshing oasis after our off-the-beaten-track expedition, we were happy to swim under the falls, a pool of water forming a bubbling, natural Jacuzzi…" read more...
The Daily Post; Weekend Post Travel Section, UK

Green Getaways – Siwash Lake Ranch

"Big comforts; small footprint -- why not? That’s how they do it at Siwash Lake Ranch. One of British Columbia’s most luxurious dude ranches, this rural retreat in the remote Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region is also one of the greenest places to stay in the country..." read more..
Canadian Tourism Commission ~ media showcase

Siwash Lake Ranch – A Wilderness Haven and Private Sanctuary

"Plush robes, Egyptian linens and elegant antiques adorn my room at the Siwash Lake Luxury Guest Ranch, whilst the scent of aromatherapy oils and fresh flowers swell my senses. The 7,000 square foot log ranch house in British Columbia (Canada) is truly alluring, its high-beamed ceilings, glorious furniture and vintage fabrics extolling all the virtues of a country estate..." read more...
Chic Today, UK

Green and Greener

"Outdoor recycling stations. Rooftop herb gardens. Bulgari soap in bulk? Luxury hotels are entering the next phase of eco-activism, Ivor Tossell reports. Siwash Lake is one of the most eco-friendly destinations in Canada..." read more...
The Globe and Mail, Canada

Drinnen Luxus, drauBen Wildnis

"Neben der ehemaligen Postkutschenstation "70 Mile House" lehnt ein grober sportlicher Mann lässig an seinem Allrad Pickup. Unter der breiten Krempe des Cowboy-Hutes ein freundliches Grinsen: Roy holt seine Gäste ab und verschwindet mit ihnen auf einer trockenen, hartern Piste in der Wildnis..." read more...
Reiten Weltweit, Germany

Mount Up for Fun and Relaxation in Cariboo Country

"Winston Churchill once said, "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." And I think he's right -- for man, woman or child…We are horseback riding through British Columbia's stunning Cariboo region, about 5 1/2 hours northeast of Vancouver, in B.C.'s interior plateau, and I have made a discovery about my horse, a gentle responsive paint named Puzzle…" read more...
The Seattle PI, USA

A Home on the Range...

"His cocoa brown eyes appear despondent, yet when glancing my way he blinks slowly, somewhat flirtatiously. He inches closer, gently nudging my body. I brush a wisp of silver hair away from his freckled brow. Smoke, my new-found friend, is also my equestrian partner at Siwash Lake Ranch in Cariboo Country..." read more...
The Province, Canada

10 Luxury Dude Ranches

"This secluded Canadian ranch gets a green stamp of approval for using solar energy. But that doesn’t mean only greenhorns will appreciate this place, set 20 minutes from its nearest neighbor. More experienced equestrians can ride without the guidance of a wrangler—a policy not found at most American ranches..." read more...
Forbes Traveler, USA

Five Luxury Ranches in the Americas

"Four legs good? Then gallop towards this stylish country retreat. Each guest is assigned a horse, with unlimited riding out in the British Columbia wilderness. Back at the spruce log house are a 30ft fireplace, library, convivial dining room and country-cosy suites…" read more...
The Independent, UK