Finest of luxury guest ranches for equine & wilderness adventures

Private & Exclusive, by Nature™

Siwash Lake Ranch is a world-renowned luxury dude ranch and remote wilderness resort.


The Cariboo country of British Columbia, with its wide open skies, rolling grasslands and forests bejeweled with lakes, is a place of high adventure and historic gold rush dreams. Surrounded by 80,000 acres of this pristine wilderness, the remote Siwash Lake Ranch is a private and exclusive hideaway.

Siwash Lake Ranch is located in a wilderness land bejewelled with lakes...
And what makes staying at this family owned and operated resort an iconic Canadian experience? Frontier-style accommodations feature authentic ranch house suites, a charming barn loft and exclusive canvas cabins—lavish safari-inspired tents with exquisite views that pair luxury amidst nature with the rustic ambience of the Cariboo. Five-star dining highlights organic food that is grown on the ranch and foraged from the wilds nearby.

For activities, guests of all riding abilities have the opportunity to explore BC’s rugged heartland on horseback as part of the Siwash Synergy with Horses™ riding program. Regarded as one Canada’s finest equine experiences, it involves supportive and informative mentoring by personal guides, hands-on horsemanship, and a fun-filled focus on the magical bond between horses and humans.

Beyond riding, guests enjoy fly fishing; hone their skills in wilderness survival, archery and shooting; hike to nearby waterfalls; and mountain bike the backcountry. Those seeking softer pursuits kayak on shimmering Siwash Lake; do yoga in the great outdoors; or simply luxuriate at a canvas-clad spa in the forest.

From our high bluffs, look out over the forests to the far, blue horizon...
The ranch is a safe haven, set well off the beaten path and far from the madding crowds. It's located completely off-grid, 32km (20 miles) east of 70 Mile House, BC, on the historic Gold Rush Trail. The place is solar powered, with a long list of daily best practices for maintaining a minimal environmental footprint and for operating sustainably; Siwash is in complete harmony with the surrounding wilderness.

The area is quintessential Canadian cowboy country; gentle and rolling with open woods of Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir and trembling Aspen. Various rocky promontories, high bluffs on our guiding territory (that guests hike or ride to on the range), look out over these pristine forests to a far blue horizon. Our secluded lakes, river canyons and natural meadows are prime habitat for many species of wild flora and fauna.

Siwash guides are genuine cowboys and cowgirls.Here, you can ride horses to your heart's desire, on your own or with a guide. Experience pure cowboy magic. You'll roam the range, at one with your trusty mount and the land.

Inhale the glorious scent of saddle leather mingled with wood smoke, wild flowers and sun-warmed pine. Delight in the simple luxury of experience—the power of a strong and willing horse beneath you, the freedom of the frontier—and satisfy your yearning for adventure …

At twilight, as you drift off to sleep amidst the finest linens — serenaded by the call of a loon, the yipping of coyotes, or the soft thudding of galloping hooves and a gentle whinny—feel the spirit of Siwash touch your heart, your mind, and inspire your soul.

Siwash Lake Guest Ranch - #1 of luxury BC dude ranches and wilderness horse riding holidays in CanadaThe ranch specializes in adult-oriented vacations and honeymoons. Yet, we’re one of only a few high-end guest ranches in North America that's truly family-friendly as well.

Maximum capacity of the ranch is 24, allowing us to match complimentary bookings—romantic, grown-up getaways or upscale family holidays—and throughout the summer, children are very welcome when our “Free-Range Kids” program is available.

As the ranch's owners and your hosts, we and our wilderness-savvy teenage children—along with 16 other professional top-hands—ensure plenty of friendly, personal service. Siwash Lake Ranch vacations are tailor made, designed according to individual preferences. It's all delivered with laid-back, easy-going western style; there is nothing staged or pretentious about the Siwash experience.

Guests stay in safari-inspired luxury tents at Siwash Lake Ranch.For almost two decades now, we've welcomed a select number of visitors during the most beautiful months of each year to share in the delights of our wilderness paradise. And all along, we've been striving for complete harmony with the environment.

Our guests are like-minded, adventurous people from all over the world, who seek and appreciate the finer things in life. They enjoy responsible luxury and adventure in the wilds—an intimate, soul-pleasing blend of the rustic and the refined...

...the Legacy of Siwash Lake Ranch.